Synchro: split, save, and share.

Built for athletes and coaches, Synchro is the first advanced stopwatch and logging app designed for the digital era.

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Everywhere at once.

Easily time different events with multiple named stopwatches running simultaneously.

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Designed for your hand.

Synchro was built from the ground up for a seamless timing experience. To start, split, and stop, use the on-screen controls or the volume buttons to keep your eyes on the action — unique haptic feedback signatures help you feel those controls without seeing them. Rename stopwatches, groups, splits, and athletes with a swipe. Share your stopwatch or access location and weather information with a tap.

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Rain or shine.

Conditions matter — Synchro automatically remembers your location and detailed local weather data when you start a stopwatch.

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Individuals, relays, and races.

Comprehensive support for athlete tagging enables you to get split breakdowns on a per-athlete basis. Visualize each athlete's fastest and slowest splits for your event, and send the stopwatch to the whole team via the share feature.

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Collaborate and share.

For spread-out events, send a copy of your running stopwatch to other Synchro users and have them add splits wherever they are. When a stopwatch is completed, share a copy of the entire stopwatch to your family and team directly into their own Synchro app.

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Archive: save, find, and organize.

You don't have to lose all your data when you're done with a stopwatch. Swipe a stopwatch right into your Archive for a searchable log of all your stopwatches. Group together related stopwatches or even other groups to keep everything organized.

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Synchro Pro

Unlimited stopwatches. Zero Ads. Forever.

In-App Purchase
  • Create, import, and archive an unlimited number of stopwatches.
  • All ads are removed across the app for a clean and distraction-free experience.
  • Instantly receive pro features from future updates in addition to personal help and support.

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